Water x Color = Art from my Heart

Watercolor has fascinated me since I was a child. It is always my favorite when viewing art--the colors, the transparency, the movement--it's all fascinating. I bought watercolor art, I viewed watercolor art, I idolized watercolor artists. It has always been fascinating to me. I have been crafty but didn't consider that art. One day I signed up for a series of watercolor painting classes and it was life-changing. I loved every minute of it, wishing there were more minutes in a day to spend painting. I created a small studio space for myself and you will find me there from morning to night with breaks to take care of responsibilities. I love it all--the feel of the paper, mixing the paints, filling my palette, looking for unique paints, and putting brush to paper. Some paintings are shareable, others don't turn out, but all are enjoyable and a learning experience as I continue to grow as an artist. I'm happy to have this venue to share some of what I love with you and hope you find something you can enjoy in your home as well.